We Are The Past - Fantasy of Flight Audio Experiences

We Are The Past - Fantasy of Flight Audio Experiences


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Immerse yourself into eight great stories by donning a set of headphones and become a famous character in aviation history! Each story has a theme common to the human experience that is delivered in a way to encourage you to reflect on your own life as to how each theme relates to you. Each story has the potential of being a powerful catalyst for your own self-discovery and include the following aircraft and themes –

  • Curtiss Pusher - “How do we learn in Life?”
  • Fokker Triplane - “What can happen when we allow ourselves to stand out from the crowd?”
  • Ford Tri-Motor – “Do you remember the first time that you flew?”
  • Lockheed Vega – “Isn’t it amazing that when life delivers us challenge and limitation, we can find opportunity on the other side!”
  • North American B-25 – “Have you ever faced a critical moment of truth and made a bold decision when the clock was ticking against you?”
  • Spirit of St. Louis – “As you travel through Life, do you sometimes feel you are alone on your Journey?”
  • Polikarpov Po-2 – “Sometimes great tools and talents can come from unexpected sources. Sometimes we are not always aware of the untapped potential that surrounds us!”
  • Supermarine Spitfire – “What happens when we place limitations upon ourselves or accept the limitations imposed upon us by others?”

(If you want an insight into where Fantasy of Flight is headed, this is a MUST HAVE PRODUCT! While listening to them, you will discover your mind is the greatest theater ever created and you will soon find yourself reflecting on your life in ways that may change you forever!

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